The Gatinois Style

Unique, classique & sophisticated

All of our champagnes are Grands Crus with a generous, distinguished style. The Pinot Noir from Aÿ is at the heart and soul of the GATINOIS blends and gives them their powerful and structured backbone. Chardonnay brings a counter-balance of acidity and liveliness with a very distinctive character.

The Grand Cru Aÿ terroirs are beautifully revealed by our resolutely traditional approach and our quest to achieve timeless elegance, year after year.
A classic style of Champagne that remains true to its terroir and offers remarkable ageing potential.

A Myriad

Of Multiple Sensations

Although each blend has its own personality, there is nonetheless a family resemblance across the range: the rich expression of ripe fruit followed by a sensation of structure and body with a fresh, elegant and distinguished finish.
Champagne GATINOIS is the subtle balance of refined yet expressive wines.

The Gatinois Moment

Yours to discover

The Gatinois family enjoys good living and good food and wine. So it comes as no surprise that the Champagnes produced by Pierre, and now by Louis Cheval, should be equally at home whether served as an aperitif or paired with food.
The Gatinois moment? That’s for you to decide!